How can you eliminate a Lucas 5AS, 10AS or ALM Immobilizer?

You are an owner of a
  • Classic Mini
  • MG-F or TF
  • Rover 200, 400, 600, 800 etc. (also with HONDA PGMFi Engine)
  • Lotus Elise with Rover K-Series Engine
  • LandRover Defender, Discovery or Freelander
  • Morgan with Rover Engine
  • Caterham with Rover Engine

and you are suffering from Problems with your Lucas 5AS , 10AS or ALM (black version of 10AS) immobilizer?
You can disarm it only rarely or not at all?

The Keyfobs , the immobilizer or both will fail earlier or later. A replacement is near to impossible to find or very expensive nowadays.

There is a replacement module which is installed instead of the 5AS, 10AS or ALM/CH12 and behaves towards the Engine Control Unit (ECU) like a disarmed immobilizer. As a result you can reliably start your engine from now on without using your keyfobs.

Our module is ´Plug-n-Play´. No soldering and no searching for cables. Simply  plug onto the existing connector, replacing the Lucas 5AS immobilizer. Pug-In is done within a few minutes and we offer a lifetime warranty.

For those who would like continue using the central locking functionality, we offer our module fitted into the immobilizer (Typical for 10AS & ALM).

In case you would use our service, please send your 5AS, 10AS or ALM Immobilizer together with the keyfobs to:

Ing.-Büro Grafe
Ralf Grafe
Hammersteinstr. 3
47807 Krefeld

Reading codes and production of your individual module is typically done within one working day.  Payments can easily be made using PayPal.

Current Picelist (valid from 1.10.2021)
5AS Module for Classic Mini and Rover with Rover Engine - 179,- €
5AS Module for Rover with Honda Engine (PGMFi) - 189,- €
5AS Modification for Vehicles with Central Locking - 169,- €

10AS Modification - 189,- €
ALM Modification -  209,- €

In case your CH12 / DH12 / ALM is already defect and without function, the whole unit has to be re-programmed. For this extended effort we have to charge 279,-€.

All Prices inkluding current valid VAT of 19% and free shipping inside Germany. 
Foreign shipping inside EU plus 10,- €
Foreign shipping outside EU: upon request

Attention: When sending your Immobilizer from outside the EU, import Duties and Charges will be charged, based on the Value you declare. Choose a low Value for your shipping and clearly mark the Package on the outside "Defective Item, for repair only and return to Sender".

Looking forward getting in touch with you !

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