About us

Since more than 10 years we are busy developing and producing individual solutions in the area of special electronics.

  • Removal of the Lucas 5AS, 10AS, ALM, BCU & Pektron / Rover / Classic Mini / Lotus / Landrover Immobilizer
  • Programmable Plug-n-Play Fuel Injection for Classic Minis and Lotus Elise MK-1
  • ARTA Measurement Box (ARTA Box)
  • ARTA Turntable Control Module

An overview of all our projects you’ll find here: archiv.m1n1.de

A list of former and current cars we owned, modified and serviced you can find here: The M1N1 Car Collection

In case you would like to honor our work or support the development of new projects, you can send your donor using PayPal: paypal.me/m1n1