ICEpower 250ASX2

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Bang & Olufsen icePower 250ASX2 Module

2 x 250 W  oder 1 x 500W Amplifier Module with Integrated Power Supply!

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Fully self-contained audio amplifier solution
Configurable for stereo or mono output
Rugged construction
Thermal protection
Over-current protection
Sound optimized soft clipping
Suitable for CE approved designs

The 250ASX2 is a fully integrated, intelligent amplifier module designed particularly for consumer and professional audio applications. This amplifier module has an integrated high efficient resonant power supply. It is an excellent choice from the amplifier modules category as it offers audiophile quality, is very powerful but also compact and has a nice feature set.

The 250ASX2 can be configured to either stereo or mono output. With both channels driven it is up to providing 230 watts into 4Ω on both channels. In the bridged configuration, it outputs up to 500 watts into 8Ω! The ±24 VDC auxiliary supply for powering external circuitry, elimination of heat sinks and EMI shields allow for easy implementation in your project. This module is EMC and safety approved. It is protected against short-circuit, overload and over-heating and includes onboard fuses and EMI filtering to provide a CE and FCC pre-approved design.


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