Bridge Circuit for IcePower ASX2 Series

129.00 inkl. MwSt.


For those who would like to transform their IcePower 125ASX2 or 250ASX2 into a Mono power amplifier with twice the output power, we offer a tailor made top-class bridge circuit which can be easily installed in any enclosure.

We offer a Mono-only and a combined Mono/Stereo version. With the latter one you can select between Mono and Stereo operation mode.

The circuit makes  use of the finest Burr-Brown Audio Amplifier ICs, providing a maximum of sound quality. The audio input can be used in both symmetrical or asymmetical mode.

Easy installation with included wiring set. Supply voltage is taken from ASX AUX-power connector.  The PCB has 4 monting holes for easy an flexible mounting in any case.

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