ARTA Turntable Module

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ARTA Turntable Module
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Pololu 12V, 19:1 Gear Motor w/ 64 CPR Encoder available e.g. here:

3 reviews for ARTA Turntable Module


    Unfortunately, the Polulu suggested DC motor replacement (for the original not available anymore) does not work properly with this module.

    In fact the interface is not able to read properly the Polulu encoder and thus whatever settings you choose, it will not give you reliable angular position of the turntable.

    • dougie

      We are sorry to hear that you have problems using the ARTA Turntable Module.
      Which kind of Polulu Motor are you using and where did you got the recommendation from?


    It is the recommended Polulu motor which is on your website (also got it from the thread in DiyAudio forum). I’m at your disposal for any further exchange to solve that. Please note that I’m not the only one according to DyAudio thread

  3. Jurgen (verified owner)

    I have received the module and the Pololu 2828 motor. Just quickly hooked them up to test, the other parts are still underway. So far, the motor seems to work fine with the board. A silkscreen on the board would have been handy though, and for this motor, I would have chosen a somewhat stronger H-bridge driver.

    The control software is top notch, and that’s actually why I bought this kit. The PID position control works well, and the fine tuning aid with the graphical display of parameters is really helpful.

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